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Hope Herzog Stewart

December 1, 1924 - April 16, 2017

Hope Herzog Stewart died on Easter Sunday 2017 in hospice in Columbia, MD, at the age of 92 after a brief illness. Hope Herzog was born in Troy, NY, on December 1, 1924. Her parents divorced when she was six, and she was raised by her mother, Alice Blackburn Herzog, with assistance from her maternal grandparents and aunts and uncles. As a child, Hope attended the Emma Willard School, and graduated from Troy High School in 1941. She loved reading, and counted dancing as one of her favorite activities as a young woman; she would recount that she and her friends and dates would dance on her mother’s living room rugs until the rugs were totally worn. Upon graduation from Russell Sage College (Class of 1945) she worked as a secretary at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she met a graduate student named Gilbert Henry Stewart, Jr. Hope and Gil were married on June 18, 1949, and settled in Delaware Township, NJ, while Gil worked for RCA in Camden. They moved to Gibbsboro, NJ, and welcomed their first son, Gilbert Henry “Hank” Stewart, III. Later they moved to Haddonfield, NJ, and welcomed their second son, Peter Blackburn Stewart. In 1965, a job transfer for Gil took the family to Wellesley, MA. Hope entertained with elegance and flair—she loved beautiful dishes and table settings and made a homemade fruit cake even non-fruit-cake lovers would like. She belonged to many bridge clubs and played very well. She was an ace knitter—she made wonderful hand-knit sweaters her family members still wear to this day. Another job transfer brought the family to Cherry Hill, NJ, where Hope resided until 2013. She took up painting and was a good painter, though she was modest about it. After her sons had left home, Hope volunteered for a time in the library at Cherry Hill High School East. After Alzheimer’s Disease claimed Gil in 1999, Hope continued to volunteer in the Lutheran Home at Moorestown for another 12 years. Declining mobility led Hope to move into assisted living in Maryland, near Hank and his family. In her last four years, she made many new friends in her new home and continued to enjoy reading, bridge, bingo, movies, and opera. She had a love of handwriting letters and vowed to be the last of the handwritten letter writers. She loved the “good old days” and “good old ways.” Hope Stewart was a wonderful grandmother to all four of her grandchildren, always sending special packages on even minor holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. These were always such fun for them. She had a life-long love of children and was very patient, kind, and fun with all kids. Predeceased by her husband of 49 years, Hope is survived by both of her sons and their families: Hank Stewart and Joyce Ulrich, of Ellicott City, MD, their daughter Louise S. Beck and her husband, Sam, and their daughter, Elizabeth M. Stewart, and her fiancé, Kwame James; Peter and Carol Stewart of Redmond, WA, their sons, Peter B. Stewart, Jr., of Seattle, WA, and Raymond F. Stewart, of Kenmore, WA. Hope will be buried next to her husband in Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY, at 2:30 PM on Thursday, August 20, 2017. In lieu of flowers, Hope asked that individuals visit a person in assisted living or make donations to the American Diabetes Association or the Russell Sage Alumnae Fund.