When you make prearrangements, before a death has occurred, it allows you to think more clearly, and you are not rushed to make any final decisions. It will assist your family in knowing what your wishes are and how you prefer your final arrangements to take shape. Preplanning avoids having to make decisions when your family is grieving the loss of a loved one. Your wishes are known, and the family has peace of mind that they are following your wishes. Anyone can preplan with or without prepayment.


Many individuals choose to prepay in full for their funeral to avoid price increases that will occur in the future. The full amount that is prepaid is placed in a funeral insurance policy to pay for your final expenses. If an irrevocable trust has been chosen, then the full amount is transferable to any other funeral home of your choice for any reason.

Items Needed To Make Funeral Arrangements

The following is a list of items necessary to complete the death certificate:

  • • Full Name of Decedent
  • • Current Address
  • • Social Security Number
  • • Marital Staus
  • • Date and State of Birth
  • • Country of Citizenship
  • • Last Grade of School Completed
  • • Occupation and Industry
  • • Race/Any Hispanic Background
  • • Father’s Name
  • • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • • Informant’s Name, Address and Phone Number
  • • Name and Location of Cemetery (City and State) if applicable
  • Name of Doctor and Phone Number
  • Number of Death Certificates Needed
  • Name of Clergy and Phone Number

Items To Bring To Funeral Home For Arrangements

  • • Clothing, including underclothes, but shoes are not necessary (long sleeves and high neck are recommended)
  • • A recent picture
  • • If decedent is a Veteran, you will need their discharge (DD214) or separation papers to apply for honors or a flag
  • • A list of immediate family members names including spouse, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and siblings (including in-laws if you wish)
  • • Cemetery deed or information for location, etc. (if applicable)
  • • Name of receiving funeral home if burial is in a different state
  • • Personal items ie. wig, false teeth, jewelry, rosary